Conversion of single to double hull


9.000 DWT Italian flag oil/chemical tanker M/T "LONGABARDA" belongs to Mediterrenea di Navigazione S.p.A. of Italy was converted to double hull and en-lengthened.

  Design & practice
  Gemak Shipyard has completed the whole conversion in turn-key basis Design for double hull and jumboising prepared by Marine Engineering Services S.P.A. of Italy and approved by RINA.
  General description of conversion
  The orginal ship was the single hull type, with two longitudinal bulkheads of flat construction and transversal bulkheads corrugated with lower stool in way of central tanks and of the flat type in the side tanks.

Scope of the work was to install a double hull dedicated to ballast water whose compartments shall be connected to the corresponding compartments of the double bottom.

The arrangement of such a double hull had to comply with the latest MARPOL Regulations, in addition to the other rules and regulations (RINA,USCG,SOLAS,etc.).
The compensate the cargo tanks lost volume, an additional structural section has been built with all necessary accessories, like pipes and valves, ladders, hatches, manholes, rails, tank radars, level gauges and alarms, temperature sensors, cleaning machines, etc.

The cargo pipes that presently were located in the area of the new double hull were moved apart to the complt with the rules. Connection to the electric system as well as to the alarm and automation system has been made.

The cargo manifolds, the hose support pipes, the associated equipment and the crane have been moved with all relevant fittings and accessories from their original position to the new additional section in order to fulfil the OCIMF requirements. The existing crane and relevant column have been replaced.

According to the extension all the systems and arrangements located in the are of the cutting line have been correspondingly extended by 12,78 m that is the length of the added block.

At the auxiliaries, systems and arrangements that during the conversion/lengthening project interfering with the operation have been moved apart by the yard and re-positioned in order to maintain the original functionality.

The electric connections have been replaced for the whole length as required by the Classification Society Rules & Regulations The completion of the design and of the detailed engineering and all class approvals have been obtained by Gemak.

After completion of double skinning and en-lengthenning works, complete cargo and ballast tanks have been re-coated having total of 32,000 m2 tank coating work. (Sigma Phenguard for cargo thanks and Sigma BT for ballast tanks)
  All completed in 8 months
  Vessel stayed 8 months at the yard in which a total of 500 ton of new steel was installed and full coating work was completed.
  Main particulars of the vessel
The original ship's characteristics
Length o.a. : 125.22 m
Length b.p. : 114.00 m
Moulded breadth : 19.00 m
Depth in main deck : 9.15 m
Scantling draft : 7.38 m
Cargo tank volume : 10.728 m3
Deadweight : 9.000 tones
  New characteristics after the conversion and extension
Lenght O.A. : 138.00 m
Lenght B.P. : 126.78 m
Moulded breadth : 19.00 m (Unchanged)
Depth in main deck : 9.15 m (Unchanged)
Scantling draft : 7.262 m
Cargo tank volume : 10.900 m3
Deadweight : 10.000 tones