Ship Repair & Conversion

Exceeding 2000 ships furnished with the services of repair or conversion by Gemak Group since 1969, which is today capable of undertaking 5.500.000 DWT ship repair capacity per annum, Group today provides services for a wide range of ships from simple bulk carriers to sophisticated LPGs/LNGs, dredger vessels, offshore platforms, semi-subs, drillships etc. and meanwhile enjoying challenging engineering projects of conversions, damage repairs, refits.

Facilities, Services and Strong Points

1 x Capesize drydock 300x53 m.
1 x Panamax floating dock 233x37 m.
1 x Handysize floating dock 170x26.3 m.
1 x Self-propelled Floating Crane SWL 100 tons.
Total length of wet berths 2000 m
Total number of 20 cranes operating at the shore side

More than 180 permanent employed engineers and naval architects

Running on self developed ERP software

Keeping an average stock of about 10.000 tons steel plates and profiles

Excessive steel work capacity with production up to 30 tons per day
Steel and pipe works in stainless steel

Lifting capacity up to SWL 470 tons.
100 nozzles blasting capacity
Hydroblasting up to 2500 bars
In-house tank coating facilities

In-house staging capacity of 150.000 m3
Shaft/propeller/stern-tube/rudder/steering gear repairs
Engine, turbocharger, governor, pump, compressor, cooler, heater overhauls
Reconditioning and heavy machining facilities
Repairs of deck machinery, cranes, hatch covers
Hydraulic and pneumatic system repairs
Boiler repairs/retubbing
Electrical /Automation / Radio-Navigation repairs
Overhauling of HVAC systems, qualified carpenter service